Wagon Trails Animal Park - Vienna, Ohio 330-539-4494

frequently asked questions

How often do the safaris run?  What is the schedule? 
Our safari trucks are never on a schedule.  On a busy day the trucks depart every 15-20 minutes. 
On a slower day the trucks depart every 45 minutes.  No need to worry if you are between
rides.  The petting zoo is included with your admission and it is full of animals who are waiting
for you to pet and feed until your ride is announced.  The safari ride is approximately 45-60
minutes long.

It is raining/hot/cold.....will the animals come up to the ride?
O my yes!  Our animals are always hungry and ready to meet you.  We like to say they eat
in "shifts".  When some animals are full others are ready to eat.

When is the best time to visit?  
That is a tough question.  Often Wednesdays are busier than Saturdays.  Generally though
Sunday mornings are usually less busy.  Mornings overall are usually busier than afternoons. 

Can I bring food into the park to feed the animals?  
Outside food is not permitted for park animals.  Safari food is included in your admission price.

Is Wagon Trails open all year long?
The park is open May 1st through end of October .   Our hours vary month to month.
Check the 'hours' page for specific months.

I have 'zoo pass'.  Can I use it a Wagon Trails?  
No.  National Zoos are federally funded.  Wagon Trails is family owned and operated and we
are not affiliated with zoos.

Do you charge for parking?
Parking is free.  Ample parking is available.

Can I bring my dog/pet to Wagon Trails?
No, for health and safety reasons we do not allow pets.  The exception would be guide dogs.

Do you offer a military discount?
Of course!  5% off regular admission price.  But check our coupon also.

Are you wheelchair accessible?
Yes, we sure are.  Very little walking is required.   A ramp takes you up onto the safari vehicle.
Parking is very close to the safari loading area.  We do not have wheelchairs for rent.

Can I bring a picnic for my family?  Do I need to reserve a space?
We have picnic tables inside and out with sinks to wash hands.  No reservation
is needed unless you would have a large group of 30 or more.

I found a baby deer/raccoon, etc.. will you take it in?  Sorry, but we are not
permitted to accept any animals from the wild.

My child is allergic to peanuts/tree nuts.  Are any of these in your feed?
No tree nuts or peanuts are in the animal feed.  There are peanuts in the bird
aviary and with the macaws, but these are not areas that are accessable to the public.