Wagon Trails Animal Park

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Since our founding in 2000, Wagon Trails Animal Park has given animal lovers the opportunity to view animals in a more natural setting, as they roam around in acres-large enclosures rather than small pens like at traditional zoos. The safari wildlife park is located in Northeast Ohio, near Western, PA. It’s as close as you’ll get to a safari experience without having to travel all the way to Africa!

Your journey begins when you leave your car behind in the parking lot and you step onto our grounds. Enjoy the ride with your safari guide, who will take you through 60 acres of woods and ponds and give you the opportunity to feed more than 350 animals from six continents, including camels, zebra, bison, water buffalo, ostrich, antelope and many more!

A Great Day of Family Friendly Fun

No matter what the occasion, an excursion to Wagon Trails Animal Park is guaranteed to be fun for all ages. Our “safaris” are perfect for:

  • Field trips
  • Birthday parties
  • Family outings
  • Just for fun!

Contact Us With Questions!

If you have any questions about our Northeast Ohio safari animal park, the animals or setting up an event, we encourage you to reach out to us today and we’ll be happy to provide you with more information! We look forward to seeing you and taking you on your safari adventure.

Meet Our Animals - These are just a few of the animals you will meet at the park. Click Here